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My interests include veganism and vegetarianism, health, ethics, politics and culture, media, and the environment. I have three kids; I teach college part-time, study piano and attempt to garden. I knit. I blog on just about anything, but many posts are related to my somewhat pathetic quest to eat better, be more mindful of the environment, and be a more responsible news consumer. Sometimes I write about parenting, but, like so many Mommy bloggers, my kids have recently told me not to. :) Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

25 Things About Me

About a year ago, there was this trend on Facebook -- everybody was writing a list called "25 Things About Me". I looked up my list from last year and realized there were already two things I'd change. I've decided to share the slightly revised version with my blog readers.

1. If I could change one thing about myself, I'd be less serious.

2. If I could change one *superficial* thing about myself, I'd have seriously long legs. Love long legs.

3. I would rather work with a hard worker of average intelligence than with a lazy genius any day!

4. I believe far more in hard work than in innate talent.

5. I have a secret longing to play banjo. Seriously, love banjo music.

6. I regret very little that I have done, but quite a bit that I haven't. I'm too cautious and sometimes that has held me back.

7. I read CSI fan fiction WAY too often. Even the bad ones.

8. I love a super-clean house.

9. I hate cleaning house.

10. I've been trying veganism for almost a year; I refer to myself as an "almost vegan" though I probably should just use the term "vegetarian".

11. I think Twitter is WEIRD, but I'm still on it. I use it as a news feed.

12. I am pretty sure I will always have at least one cat. Love cats.

13. Hate beer. Have tried so often to like it, 'cause it seems everyone else does. BUT.I.HATE.IT.

14. I write stories when I should be working on articles, but I never publish them anywhere.

15. My husband is an unrepentant pack rat.

16. I like to purge things as soon as I am done with them. Apparently, in our case, opposites do attract...

17. I would just *just one* opportunity in life to get REALLY dressed up -- hair done, makeup done, some outrageous dress, matching shoes and purse, lots of jewelry, etc. But what big fancy events do academics go to??!!

18. I'm not really sure I'm an academic, even though I'm working as one. (Ssshh! Don't tell!)

19. I like surrounding myself with smart people, as long as they aren't arrogant.

20. I'm really bad at "playing the game" -- telling the line that people want to hear, when I really want to tell them something closer to the truth.

21. I can smell a lie a mile away.

22. I worry endlessly that I'm not paying enough attention to the kids, and some days that is the unfortunate truth.

23. I thought I'd like parenthood more than I actually do. Love the kids, though!

24. I fantasize about having a different life, though I do know how fortunate I am.

25. I've never been drunk. (And see no reason to do that now.)


  1. Great post! I'm with you on the loving the clean house and hating the cleaning.

    I think we all fantasize about a different life. I guess some people would think a job working in New York City is glamarous, but meanwhile, I daydream of a year in Paris or traveling the country. Always fun to dream.

  2. Thanks for your comment Catherine!

  3. NEVER been drunk? Really?
    I have such a very low tolerance for alcohol that if I have a full can of beer, I am tipsy.
    Cheap date!


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