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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why Not to Knit for Children Over 3

"Would you like to wear this sweater that your Auntie M made?" I hold it up -- lovely, grey, textured, cotton sweater, expertly knitted and NEVER worn.

"No sanks," my son replies happily.

"What about this one that I made?" I hold up a dark grey and red striped rugby-style sweater, also cotton, very comfortable and (I think) worn ONCE.

"No Mommy." Another cheerful reply.

"What about the blue one that I made you with the cute doggie buttons? You wanna wear that one?" I nod hopefully, holding it up with its adorable matching hat.

"No! I wanna wear that brown one that NOBODY MADE ME!"

He grabs the drab brown fleece and runs out of the room.

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  1. I just took the shortcut- bought my kid a brown fleece jacket, which she wears almost every day.-SarahB


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