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My interests include veganism and vegetarianism, health, ethics, politics and culture, media, and the environment. I have three kids; I teach college part-time, study piano and attempt to garden. I knit. I blog on just about anything, but many posts are related to my somewhat pathetic quest to eat better, be more mindful of the environment, and be a more responsible news consumer. Sometimes I write about parenting, but, like so many Mommy bloggers, my kids have recently told me not to. :) Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm loving how adding that little Facebook badge to the right is actually making a difference -- maybe a lot of you were reading my blog all along and I didn't know it, but now I *do* and it makes my day!

So, thanks for taking the time to click that little "like" button, and for leaving comments either here or to me on Facebook

It's *really* good to have people to talk to who are attempting (or who have successfully accomplished) veganism

The promised "sufficiency" blog is almost done.  That is, it's almost sufficient.  :)

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