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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Discounted Mother's Day!!

I woke up Sunday morning to find a hand-written card from my 10-year-old, in his best cursive.  It began with the typical overstated Mother's Day wishes:  "I appreciate your work SO much.  You are the idol of my life.  I would have no life without you..."

He went on to put in some more creative ways to show his appreciation:  "I couldn't have strong muscles without you".  (Is that a reference to my being vegan???)

He then lapsed into appreciation for my wallet:  "I love how you buy stuff for me."  Well, at least I know he has paid attention...

Then, just in case I didn't understand how appreciative he is, he wrote in capital letters:  READ UNDERLINED.  Then  he wrote.

1.  You are AWESOME.

2.  I LOVE you.

3.  You are my CARER. (Did he mean caretaker? Caregiver?  Career?)

Finally, he gave me "coupons" for Mother's Day.  He explained that his teacher had told the class they had to make their mothers some coupons.

Mine were:

Breakfast, .50
Dinner .20
3 massages .10 each for first three; .30 thereafter
LOVE:  Priceless

I wanted to laugh, because clearly what his teacher meant was that the coupons should be for things the kid will do for the Mom FOR FREE.  But my son, with his literal mind, thought coupons = discounts.  Of course, he's not wrong about that.

He may be the only person in the family with a head for business.

After all, how many kids do you know who have set up their Mother's Day gifts in such a way that they make money from them?!

He explained to me that he figured most of the coupons were "equal to about 60% off".  Generous, indeed.

My daughter attempted to make me vegan pancakes, a very thoughtful act!  (The, uh, execution was a little off and I ended up remaking them for her only to show her that VEGAN pancakes can, indeed, be tasty.  She was convinced it was the recipe.  I think the recipe would have been fine without the 1/4 cup of salt.)

My little guy gave me a Popsicle stick-and-shell picture frame with his picture in it.

My husband gave me my much wished-for bread maker and a very nice pair of earrings.

I suggest that next year, the teacher use the word "gift certificate".


  1. Very funny. I asked the boys t clean their rooms for my mother's day gift. the 13-year-old complied. The 10 year old? I could post a pic of his room but that would be mean.

  2. Now that's a great Mother's Day story! Thanks for sharing.

  3. ooo, Elaine! I love your blog too!Please do try the green shakes!


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