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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To Be Loved

I woke up early this morning -- before 6.  Usually, I am awakened by a boy -- either the 10-year-old one jumping in between us, wrapped in his favorite blue blanket, or the five-year-old one jumping on us, holding his nearly-worn-out pale blue blankey.  The 13-year-old (girl) now sleeps in and keeps all bedding in her room.  Thank the lord for teenage hormones.

I haven't used an alarm clock in 13 years.  No joke.

I nearly jumped out of bed.  I had a *chance* of having a cup of coffee before the kids came downstairs.

I made the bed (anal Virgo -- remember?) and walked to the coffee pot.

That's as far as I made it before I heard little feet behind me.

I turned to find my five-year-old, in his Spiderman pajamas, holding his little blue blankey.  God, he's cute in the morning.  "Hi Mommy!  Why aren't you in bed?  I wanted to cuddo wif you."  Geez.  I *almost* went back to bed.

Instead I made coffee, poured him a bowl of "bee cereal" (Honeynut Cheerios) and a glass of juice, and then said hi to my other son, who had appeared, true to form, in his underwear and his big blue blanket.

I proceeded to have another morning with everyone up with me.

Sigh.  One day -- or so I'm told by people whose kids are now out of the house -- I will miss this. 


  1. I think of Keith Donohue's The Stolen Child when a changeling (a fairy, if you will) observes a mother and child and talks about feeling annoyed how humans take for granted these types of moments as if they are in endless supply. Sounds like you appreciate the great joy in your daily life and the love that surrounds you.

  2. http://yimcatholic.blogspot.com/2010/05/because-we-must-love-one-another.html

    Is it spring that makes us think of love? Elaine, my post is on love too - a different spin but hey love is love.


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