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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The difference between Facebook and therapy

Sometimes it's a fine line. If it were therapy, I'd be sitting in a pleasantly-enough decorated office (plant and tissues near couch; neutral, non-political artwork on walls; soothing water sound somewhere in the room; faint smell of incense or candle or similar), and I'd be paying somebody to listen to me give them my current litany of struggles of daily life, none of which are very unusual. I'd leave, not really sure if I'd accomplished anything, and likely frustrated with the lack of response on the part of the therapist. (Their instructions to remain neutral, let the patient figure it out, etc. can be very aggravating to someone who wants answers. Of course, if they gave answers, the patient would only go once or twice, and then it's really hard to keep said therapist in business.)

This isn't meant to be a slam on therapy. I've been a willing participant a time or two, and met one or two therapists that I thought were actually helpful (i.e., they DID give advice, and weren't interested in seeing me for the next ten years).

On Facebook, I accomplish much the same thing for myself, and all for free. I blog about my thoughts, and get much needed feedback. At the same time, I really wonder if Facebook has replaced seeing people in person, and what that does to my (and others') mental health. I really miss seeing my friends in the flesh, at the grocery store, at the bus stop, at school events, in my living room, in my kitchen, kvetching over a cup of tea or coffee. I need to see people in person a whole lot more than I actually do.

Not that I haven't made friends here; I have. Just don't have those close ones yet -- the ones you can really be yourself with. (Though there are a few new ones here on Facebook, we "see" each other here in virtual reality more than we do in person.)

I really miss girlfriends; but I least I have you here on Facebook. It's better than not at all. And it's a lot cheaper than unloading all this to a therapist. Gotta love the internet for something.


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  1. Miss sitting and having tea with you -- even if the kids were around. Will have to e-mail more, as I am not on Facebook ...
    g in hp, where we have no water due to a water main break, and I just finished cleaning and really really want to take a shower while the sick child is asleep ...


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