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Friday, June 12, 2009

A year

A year ago today, we moved into our new house. We closed on our house in New Jersey on May 31, and then embarked (with three kids and the cat) for a brief visit at my in-laws' house, leaving a few days later from there for our new environs. Once here, we had to spend a few days homeless in various hotels (keeping the presence of the cat a secret) before finally moving our stuff into our new house on June 12. (The moving van did not, it turns out, show up as scheduled.) We suspect our moving van driver stopped over in Vegas for a night or two of gambling, but, fortunately, our stuff was not sold to Jimmy the Snake as payment. All's well that ends well.

It was a stressful time, as all moves are. In hindsight, we must have been quite a sight in the airport -- cranky 11-year-old who did NOT want to move; hyperactive 8-year-old who was impervious to the regulations of the airport security line; a not-quite-potty-trained three-year-old who needed to go at precisely the wrong moment; and the cat, who scratched up my back as I took him out of his cage (as required) and walked through security.

We've accomplished, I think, a lot this year. All three kids like their schools. All have made some new friends. The older ones are on sports teams they enjoy. The oldest is taking guitar lessons and the middle one sings in a choir. We like our new church and our new jobs. We like the community center. We like our new doctors and dentist. We enjoy the alternative vibe of our new city, all the local farmers' markets and independently-owned grocery stores, and love the weather. (Despite the rumors, it does NOT rain all the time in Oregon; in fact, NJ springs are often much drearier than what we've had here!) The summers are particularly glorious. Our yard and house are, well, nicer than anything I ever thought I'd own. I LOVE having a big vegetable garden, and have plans to make it even bigger next year.

We came here last year just as the local school kids were completing their last week of the school year. This year, our kids are the locals. It's weird -- we still feel like this is "new," yet now that a year has passed, we have to stop referring to ourselves that way. So much changes in a year. I think we'll celebrate tonight -- pizza for the kids, pasta and veggies with local wine for me and the hubby. It's been a good year.

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  1. A celebration is definitely in order! You've not only transitioned but thrived in the process. I'm glad your family has come to enrich the community!


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