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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Morning Thoughts

Writing again. I remember being told, when I was a kid, that writing was like anything else in life -- you get better at it the more you do it. I've pledged that I'm going to post something most days. What that means for readers is that some days the post will actually be interesting, pithy, funny, clever. But that's "some." Most days I think the best I can aim for is correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. But hey, that's more than what the majority of my college students accomplish on their exams and papers.

It's a grey, rainy morning here. And it's graduation. Of course, those two pretty much go together here in the Pacific Northwest. After all, it's June. Not July. Summer starts here in July (usually July 5).

My son and I have a picnic to attend later; wish the weather was going to be more hospitable. I don't much relish hanging out at a ranch in the rain, waiting for hot dogs and hamburgers that I don't want to eat anyway. Sigh! But I'm sure we'll go. And I'll bring my veggie burger with the soy cheese that grosses everybody out.

I have to admit, I have a *wee* little bit of fun watching people's reactions to the fake cheese. On one level, I totally get it. I prefer the taste of real cheese too. But I've promised myself a month of trying this vegan thing and so far, the only real dairy I've had is milk in my coffee. (I do NOT mess with my coffee, even if I do have it down to one cup a day.) So far, I actually think giving up meat and dairy isn't hard at all. There are plenty of relatively tasty alternatives, and filling up on fruit and veggies has a) made my skin clearer, and b) helped me lose three pounds.

To be honest, I didn't have bad skin to begin with, and the "need" to lose weight is debatable. But I like the results nonetheless. Now, if the **&&!! elliptical ever gets fixed, I could exercise regularly again, too.

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  1. The elliptical isn't fixed yet? Drat. We're skipping the ranch picnic as some friends are coming over for a BBQ. I'm making Peach Tea (secret ingredients: Maker's Mark and Peach Schnapps) :-)


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